• Professional

    Look professional and provide your site visitors a targeted experience to answer their questions in a visually stunning way.
    We utilize the highest quality Joomla, social media and email marketing templates available - saving you thousands of dollars and headaches.
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  • Pain Free Marketing.

    Set it and forget it! Well, sort of - We work closely with your team to provide the visuals and voice to drive conversion. Then, we continue to pump out quality art and content every day saving you time to work on what you do best.
    Finally, a fully managed service that you can trust.
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  • Measurable Results.

    Don't just blindly create content or implement marketing initiatives - get real feedback on what's working and what isn't. Then adjust and improve to increase conversion.

    We're your partner to ensure you don't miss an opportunity for improvement.
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What is Joomla CMS

Make it Mobile


A SouthDirekt Joomla CMS website offers mobile ready design out of the box. That means you'll incur no additional expense to make your new website mobile friendly.

Marketing Services

  • Joomla Web Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging & Social Media
  • SEO & SEM

SouthDirekt offers powerful mobile ready websites that will make your business look professional. Plus, we offer pain-free implementation.


Joomla CMS

We use the world's most powerful and easy to use content management system.


Professional Templates

Don't reinvent the wheel, we utilize high quality templates to save time and money.


Integrations & Functionality

Add functionality to do near anything even after your site is live.


Fully Managed

We do everything for you from content and html to design. Pain-free.


Personalize Each Email

Personalize emails with a range of variable data and list segmentation.


Fusion Menu

Fusion is a CSS dropdown menu system, enhanced with Mootools.


Features include multiple columns with individual distribution settings, inline modules / module positions as well as inline subtext and icon support.

Features include multiple columns with individual distribution settings, inline subtext support and others.



Blogging is proven to increase site traffic substantially leading to more sales opportunities.



Stay in touch with your community and provide relevant content to drive interest and engagement.



Find out what people are saying about you and join the conversation when it will drive the most impact.


Future of Social Media

The social web is constantly changing. We're your eyes and ears so that you can stay focused.


Search Optimization

Take the steps to be found for terms that matter in Google and other search engines.


Search Marketing

Take advantage of inexpensive online advertising and ad retargeting.



Find out what aspects are working and not working in your marketing mix.



Take all knowledge and improve every aspect of your marketing.